Brand Identity Package:


Our signature brand identity service for start ups and emerging brands. It is always much more effective to create your brand identity before moving onto visual identity.

Designed to create clarity and a cohesive brand story, mission & identity. Upon completion this package will provide you will all of the communications that you will need to effectively describe who you are as a brand and to effectively market to your target consumer.


✦ A cohesive and authentic Brand Story plus your About Us section

✦ A clear and engaging Brand Mission & Vision Statement 

✦ Clarity on who exactly your Ideal Client Profile(s) is which is crucial for marketing purposes

✦ Brand tagline(s) 

✦ Clarity on your brand’s ‘tone of voice’ and values for use in effective marketing

✦ An on-brand, customised Retailer Approach Package (letter of introduction, brand profile etc)