Emerging Brands- Launch to next level



Just like each of your designs are individual and distinctive, so too is your route to market.

We know that you have your own unique vision of how you want your business to develop, so we like to spend time listening to you and exploring your ideas, possibilities and options. Combined with our extensive knowledge base, we then create and tailor the perfect plan for you.

Here is a taster of what this may involve…… 

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Concept Viability

-Collection analysis

-Concept analysis

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Supplier Sourcing

-Fabric sourcing

- Sample production facility sourcing

- Bulk production facility relations

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Global Supplier negotiationS

-Negotiating agreements, non-disclosures, costs, procedures, effective processes, lead times, quality control etc.

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Product Development Management

- Sample production management

- Pricing structures & margins

- Factory visits with client

- Bulk production management

- Quality control facilitation

- Logistics & Distribution

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Business strategy development & implementation

- Finalising goals & objectives

- Business plan development

- Routes to market- B2B,B2C, Omni-channel

- Competitive analysis

- Target market analysis

- Cost reporting, budget planning & financial analysis- with client or their selected third parties/accountants

- Sales strategy

- Marketing strategy

- Web development strategy

- Sales strategy facilitation – Stockist relations.