Fashion Range Plan Template

Fashion Range Plan Template


What is a range plan?

A range plan is an overview of your collection with all of the designs, fabrics, colourways and costs outlined. It should be created before fabric orders are completed, before the sample production process or mass production begins. It acts as a fantastic guide for fabric and trim ordering, and ensures that you are not wasting money on materials that do not work in cohesion with your collection.

What should I include?

Range plans usually include: Total number of garments, Flat drawings of every garment, Product choice-Proportion of different garments types (Tops/bottoms/dresses), Fabric choices for each garment, Colour choices for each garment, Brand signature or carry through styles- styles that are best-sellers and are carried through from season to season changing maybe just fabrics or colours or sleeve lengths for example. Cost price per garment, Selling price per garment, Size range


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