Fashion Business Plan Template

Fashion Business Plan Template


What is a business plan?

-A business plan is a written description of your business's future. It will help you turn an idea into a business. It will help you to focus and plan how everything will work.

- It is used if a company is about to take a very important step, whether this is the founding of a business, introduction of a new product or expansion plans to other markets. 

-It shows potential investors and future partners the feasibility of the project and determines that there is an opportunity for future success. 

-It's a tool for understanding how your business is put together. It documents the direction that management want to take with carefully laid out plans and projections.-

- You can use it to monitor progress, hold yourself accountable and control the business's fate.

- The plan lays out targets in all major areas: sales, expense items, hiring positions and financing goals. Once laid out, the targets become performance goals.

Why do I need one? 

-It effectively presents or reviews your business idea and plans, and shows it’s feasibility over a specific time period- 1, 3 or 5 years generally.

-It allows investors and lenders to make a quick and in-depth assessment of the business venture.

-It lays the foundations for your business success. It should show how you plan to lead the business in the future.

- It allows management to show potential business partners or future members of management the risks, the solutions, and the rewards for a business well managed.

-It is essential should you wish to get involved in mergers, succession planning or sell your company.

Why this template?

-This has been created ESPECIALLY for those starting a fashion label. 

-It has industry specific financial planning files included in a user friendly, editable format.

-It includes a collection pricing structure, set up cost charts and other guides and tools that are specific to a fashion label.

-This has been created BY a fashion label owner FOR other fashion label owners.

-We know that generic business plan templates just don’t cut it for a fashion business.


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