We are thrilled to be returning to the KSA for our Riyadh & Jeddah pop-ups. We always discover new and exciting brands each visit and here are a few that have caught our eye for their stylish collections, their striking communication and their seamless fusion of modern and traditional⁠

1. NOORA ALHARTHI: A modern fashion brand that creates stylish contemporary women’s wear with an emphasis on formal wear. It was founded in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 2017 by owner and designer @nooraalharthi

2.MAHA GHALAYINI: Founded in 2004, @mahaghalayini excels in offering the best of the best in their signature luxury Kamayas. This brand embodies the essence of uniqueness, modernity and tradition intertwined into sleek and chic silhouettes to create the perfect complement to any outfit, for any occasion⁠

Bridging heritage and modernity, @caplaitshoes fuse ethical manufacturing with directional style to broaden the horizons of artisanal handcrafting.⁠

4. TOBY by Hatem Alaqeel⁠
@tobyhatemalakeel l is trendy, fun & unconventional with strong international appeal. Its message bridges cultures & continents regardless of nationality, language, race & creed.⁠

5. DANAH ALZAMAN: @danahalzamanis a prêt-à-porter brand that focuses on presenting deconstructed conceptual collections that are treated not only as pieces of clothes but as wearable pieces of art with a story that the buyer can relate to and embody.⁠

6. Nouf Fetaihi: @nouffetaihi_ offers a great collection of trendy, daily and elegant Abayas⁠

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