6 Reasons to make your collection A-Seasonal


Last week, 100% of you voted that you would try out an a-seasonal collection!⁠

We couldn't agree more with this idea and the benefits of going a-seasonal are plentiful:⁠

✨Designs can be well thought out & the design fits perfected without the rush to create for the sake of a new season⁠
✨Designers can create pieces that work with their existing best-sellers instead of having to start from scratch & the consumer has complementary pieces available for their favourite purchases⁠
✨Factories can produce at a consistent pace and even work with artisans to produce more unique artistic creations since they don't have to rush out quantity in bursts with each season⁠
✨Factories can produce a-seasonal collections in a timely manner if they are not up against seasonal pressure- this is better for smaller brands as they are more likely to consider lower minimum quantities (MOQ) if it is outside of peak production time⁠
✨Less waste: With such high minimum orders for fabric, you won't end up with extra fabric that can't be used & purchasing in bulk can end up giving you a reasonable price⁠
✨Reduces markdowns & protects margins, while maintaining brand image and quality ⁠
Would you like to see more a-seasonal or would you miss the constant choice?⁠

We put together a selection of some amazing a-seasonal brands we love:

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