10 tips on starting out as a creative


We loved this article from the business of fashion has some fantastic insights into making it as a creative:

Our Director’s top picks are:

- Look past the glamour! So so true- this industry is incredibly demanding and those who succeed work, and work .... and work some more!

- Listen & respect- I love this in particular. It often gets lost in translation in the fast pace of the fashion industry but it is what great careers are made of. It is so important to respect others opinions and ideas and take on board their point of view. Also when communicating with others- I have seen it a million times- people dismissing interns & junior staff .... But guess who work their way up the ladder quickly and become the head buyers or creative directors... Exactly folks.... You may not remember them but they won't forget you or how you treated them... 😉

Danielle SomersComment