Retailer Relationships

Retailer relationships are an important part of our business here at MFC.

Buyers want to engage with brands who suit their consumer and budget, but they also need to be sure that when they are taking a chance on a brand,that they can have sufficient support systems in place to ensure that they are organised, can fulfill orders and have extremely strong marketing and PR campaigns to support the brand and drive consumers to them as a stockist.

When we here at MFC take a brand on to help them gain exposure, the first thing we will do is look at the business as a whole and see what the missing pieces are. We then implement the appropriate strategies, marketing & PR to ensure that our client has the best possible chance of success.

This side of the business feels like the last step but in reality it starts many many months before. It can seem like a slow process and of course financially it can seem like a lot to young brands but it is absolutely essential to the success of your brand. Breaking that first step towards gaining market share is always tedious, but once you have it becomes much easier to build on it as you will have reputable retailers who will increase your brand awareness and value overall.

Behind the pretty pictures here is a lot of time, money and hard work!

Danielle SomersComment