Artificial Retail-ity


With total global retail sales projected to reach $20 trillion by 2020, retail is becoming more and more competitive across the industry. To outpace the competition, retailers are turning to tech solutions like Augmented Reality (AR).

If you are thinking of introducing AR into your retail business, it is important to think about the usefulness of how you're applying the technology. It should be used to solve real customer concerns and build brand loyalty not necessarily for entertainment.

Research by mobile app developer Apadmi finds the following striking results:

-Almost a third of consumers (29%) believe retailers should invest more in augmented and virtual reality platforms.
-33% see how big or small items are before buying them
-29% said they would use AR to see how to use a product before they bought it
-25% would use AR to preview product customisations, such as different colours or designs, before purchase

Can you see ways you would introduce AR to your business?

Danielle SomersComment