Do you have something unique or innovative to offer the market? Are you a fashion design or business graduate? Have you always dreamt of having a fashion business?

β€˜Fashion Masterclass- How to build your fashion brand’ is a practical step by step business workshop created to guide young brands and start ups in the fashion & lifestyle sector to set up and run a successful and sustainable business . This Masterclass was created to specifically counteract the difficulties facing the Fashion Industry globally. We see the same struggles from those starting out all over the world and this 2 day Masterclass addresses those issues in a practical and thorough format. Designers and entrepreneurs are finding it increasingly difficult to know who to go to for help, where to find reliable and up to date information on sourcing raw materials, sample development, product development, where to find low minimum quantities, finding specific manufacturers, creating business plans, finding funding options, how to contact buyers and who to turn to for relevant information on how to build and run a successful fashion brand- no matter what the size. The masterclass is a cost effective way of getting all of the information and tools that you need to succeed-learn business processes and be ready for retail with this fashion short course.

Fashion Masterclass is hosted in cities all over the world ( Dublin, Zurich, New York, Dubai, Hong Kong etc.)  and it is world renowned for it's practical, realistic and relevant approach to running a business in Fashion.