Product specific positioning



‘The most beautiful product in the world, will sit on a shelf without selling- if it is on the wrong shelf in the wrong shop’ 

Localised, global, on or off-line, there really is a market and an client base for each & every product. We will help you define and target that market and perfectly position your product where it belongs.

Here is a taster of what this may involve…..

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 8.17.51 PM.png

Business strategy development & implementation

- Pricing structures & margins

- Finalising goals & objectives

- Routes to market- B2B,B2C, Omni-channel

- Competitive analysis

- Target market analysis

- Cost reporting, budget planning & financial analysis

- Sales strategy

- Marketing strategy

- Web development strategy

- Sales strategy facilitation – Stockist relations.