Just a few of our fabulous clients:

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Ehtiros,Contemporary Fashion

In 2016, EHTIROS founder Adriana Crovetto made the inspiring journey through central Asia, connecting so deeply with the cultu re, the people and the beauty of the regions as she travelled that she decided to create a brand that would merge the exquisite traditional craft with our contemporary world.

She started producing sustainable Luxury jackets and coats, using the most beautiful quality traditional textiles from Central Asia with the aim of translating a little part of the ancient Silk Road history into a contemporary fashion line. And so... EHTIROS was born, which means “passion” in the local language of Uzbekistan.


Forester Products,

Vegan Leather

Forester Products had the pleasure of working with Morris Fashion Consultancy from the very conception of our range to our official launch. Their advice and guidance on everything from our creative direction, marketing and PR and production helped us form a strategic plan which brought our ideas to fruition.

Máire’s vast knowledge of the industry and many connections make her an expert in her field and definitely someone you want on your team. By helping us identify our unique selling points and brand identity,she helped us structure our business into something that works in reality, while still staying true to our original vision.

Máire’s contacts in the sourcing and manufacturing industries were especially useful and saved us a lot of time and energy, letting us stay on top of our priorities. For us, one of the greatest benefits of working with Morris Fashion Consultancy was the expert advice on pricing structures and production development which helped us see the true value of our brand.

What we learned from working with Máire, just can’t be taught – it’s gained only through hard work and much experience which we are so grateful that she shared with a young brand like us. She goes above and beyond to help and we look forward to working with Morris Fashion Consultancy for many years.


Alison Conneely, Contemporary Clothing

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The Summer House, Lifestyle Fashions


AA McEvoy,

Organic Kidswear

Máire's experience in all sides of fashion means she understands where costs go up and also, more importantly, where costs can be saved.

Her objective eye was exactly what my business needed to grow and gain the margins that I needed to sustain and grow the business.

Máire was a breeze to work to with, she understood what I’m trying to do and where my brand is headed.

I look forward to working with her again in the future. I have since recommended her to others looking for help with their fashion business.

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Desert Cove Fashion,

Modest Fashion

I attended MFC's Master Class in Dubai earlier this year, and found the class to be a great resource for anyone looking to get into the business of fashion.

Máire was an amazing instructor, extremely informative and down to earth. Not only I, but many of the students found her extremely supportive, and the class to be very useful. After the class, I consulted with Máire privately in relation to a number of matters related to my brand, mostly in terms of the harder financial aspects related to product costings in the retailer context. Her advice and support was invaluable.

MFC genuinely cares about its clients and provides truly bespoke services to meet your particular needs as an upcoming brand. Looking forward to working with MFC down the track


Blossom Bad,

Contemporary Womenswear

It was such a great experience working with Morris Fashion Consultancy earlier this year! Máire and her team were with us from the start of our business plan to the launch of our business. Starting a business is never easy but we knew it was essential we had that guidance.

When we found MFC we were apprehensive to put money into consultancy and the possibility of us not getting much out of it, but the best decision we made was contacting MFC. I would advise anyone on a similar journey to get the same guidance. The smartest thing to do for any start up.

We went through every little detail, we brainstormed, we had homework and in the end we completed everything we planned to do. I honestly don’t think we would have even opened our online store if it wasn’t for them.

They are diligent, attentive to detail and full of knowledge about the fashion industry. Thank you so much for helping us start up our online fashion store ! We honestly wouldn’t be at this stage so soon if it wasn’t for your support !

Just a few of our fabulous stockists: